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You're Dead to Me


Gossip Girl meets Happy Death Day in this YA horror novel following high school outcast and anonymous social media gossip, Ruby, who comes face-to-face with her own ghost dressed in a blood-spattered prom dress. With less than a week until the dance, Ruby must unmask her killer—or die trying.
Ruby is a scholarship senior at elite Oleander High School with a chip on her shoulder and an attitude to match—which she puts to good use as the infamous local anonymous gossip blogger ReputationKiller.

When she’s outed as the voice behind the account, the entire town turns against her.

But after she’s scared witless by a vision of her own ghost dressed in a blood-splattered prom dress, she is faced with an awful truth. Someone out there doesn’t just hate her—they want her dead.

With less than a week until the prom, Ruby starts investigating.

Turns out Oleander Bay isn’t the picture-perfect resort town it purports to be. With so many secrets, scandals, and people hell-bent on covering them up at all costs, the murderer could be anyone. Can Ruby beat the clock counting down to prom—and her death—and survive the night?


"Murderous ghosts, school scandal, hungry gators, and a mysterious killer on the loose...COUNT ME IN! Amy Christine Parker's latest starts with a punch and never lets up. YOU'RE DEAD TO ME is a quick-paced, unrelenting read, and I loved every page!--Kristen Simmons, author of the Article 5 series and FIND HIM WHERE YOU LEFT HIM DEAD

"YOU'RE DEAD TO ME gator chomps your neck from page one and doesn't let go. It's a twisty swamp thriller with a bloody ending you'll never see coming."--Kelly Coon, author of the Gravemaidens duology. 
Releases December 10, 2024
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