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You Can Pre-order FLIGHT 171! 

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Flight 171 is officially up for pre-order on Amazon! There is no cover just yet, but the official page is there and I'm over the moon! Things are getting real! For now, here's the book description to whet your appetite. Click here if you'd like to order now.


In this edge-of-your-seat horror novel, a four-hour flight takes a nightmarish turn when a supernatural creature gives a group of high school students a sinister ultimatum.

Devon Marsh is haunted by secrets. Like the identity of the person who killed her twin sister, Emily, in a hit and run accident last Halloween, which Devon has vowed to uncover. Like the things Devon said to Emily just before she died.
But she’s determined to start fresh when she boards a four-hour flight along with her classmates for their senior class ski trip. Devon never could have guessed those secrets would surface in the most terrifying way when a supernatural creature hijacks their flight and gives the students a deadly ultimatum:
Choose one among them to sacrifice before the end of the flight. Or the plane will crash.
As the clock ticks down, the creature slowly unearths the passengers’ deepest, darkest secrets—and reveals that one of the teens on the plane is responsible for Emily’s death. The students must agree on a sacrifice, or there won’t be any survivors. But can Devon find a way to stop the creature, or will she give in to her anger and let revenge take control?


New Book Deal!!!

As reported in Publisher's Weekly: The Rights Report: June 28, 2021

Wendy Loggia at Underlined has acquired Amy Christine Parker's Flight 171, pitched as Final Destination meets Stephen King's Storm of the Century; Hannah Hill will edit. When a girl boards a plane bound for a ski trip with her classmates after her twin's death, she never guesses she'll be fighting for her survival against a creepy old woman who's on the flight and shows the kids exactly what will happen if they don't choose one of their own to sacrifice: she'll crash the plane. Publication is slated for Fall 2022; Lucienne Diver at the Knight Agency did the deal for world rights.

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