New Blog

Welp, after years of using Blogger, I am finally, finally integrating my blog into my website and revamping my blogging process!

Hold me!

My goal is to blog more often and I'm hoping that having everything in one handy spot will help me achieve this. Time will tell, people, time will tell.

Here's how I hope it'll work. I'll blog at least four times per month, keeping those of you who have found your way here in the loop about: my books, my life, exciting news, giveaways/contests, what I'm reading, what I'm watching, and what I'm learning. I realize that I've just listed off way more than four things just now, but all of these things won't get covered every month. I'll basically pick four and roll with them. However, these are the only categories my posts will fall under.

So that's it. My plans. In a nutshell.

*breathes deep*

Here goes nothing!


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