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Plotting Your Prose


I am pleased to have a course with Writer's Atelier's Online School! If you are interested, you can sign up to purchase the course on their site. Either by clicking here or on their logo. 

Course Description:

Is writing a novel on your bucket list? Or have you written a novel or two, but find you’re still struggling to figure out a workable system to increase your productivity and the quality of your work? Finishing a novel can be intimidating no matter how much experience you have.


What if it could be easy and joyful instead? What if you could set up an effective system for idea development and story outlining that could make the brainstorming and writing faster and easier and significantly reduce any revisions needed? This course will provide the tools to: develop your ideas into fully realized pitch-worthy premises, create storyboards that will help guide your plot, characters, and setting in the right direction, and brainstorm scenes that will cover all the essential plot points every good story requires. Broken down into easily digestible short session modules and accompanied by a 45-page mini workbook filled with extended tips, tricks, helpful tech, and links to books and articles to extend your studies, this course will help both beginning and experienced novelists.


Part One: Introduction to the Course and Instructor

A brief look at what you can expect from the course and more about the instructor.

Part Two: Idea Development

Learn how to find and manage story ideas, develop those ideas using a “blue sky board” into strong, publishable premises, and vet premises to prioritize projects.

Part Three: Storyboarding + Creating Your Outline

Discover the four-part story structure, essential plot points every strong story needs, as well as tips for brainstorming and fleshing out potential scenes, characters, setting, and themes using the storyboarding method. Learn how to extend your storyboards into a strong outline that can take the place of an initial rough draft.

Part Four: Tips & Tricks for Drafting

Discover ways to counteract writer’s block and how you can use your outline to create a solid draft that does not require massive plot or character overhauls as well as ways to keep yourself accountable and on track.


Number of video modules: 8