Resources  for Writers

Websites to Check Out

  • We Need Diverse Books: If you are a diverse writer, a supporter of diversity in publishing, or you are writing about diverse characters and need some pointers, this is a good place to visit. It links to several more sites with invaluable publishing and writing information pertaining directly to diversity.

  • Fiction University: Janice Hary breaks down the writing and publishing process in the most wonderful and practical way. I still visit this one often. Everything you need is here!

  • Kidlit: In-depth advice on writing for teens and younger. 

  • Query Shark: Want to know how your query might stack up to other writers? Check out agent Janet Reid's examination of real novel queries. 

  • Publisher's Marketplace: having a subscription while you are creating your agent query list is a must. Get the lowdown on who's making deals with what publishing houses and how often.

  • Querytracker: Everything you need to decide which agents are right for your work.

  • Pacemaker Press: Need help staying on target while you write? This site helps you make a customizable pacing plan to help you complete your novel. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  • Writing Careers: The Business of Writing: This one is an article, but for young writers, it's a great place to start getting some practical advice about the types of careers out there for writers. Recommended to me by a young writer named Anna. Thanks, Anna!

  • A Resource Guide to Writing Basics: This site gives some very good starter tips and articles for writers. Worth a read. Thanks to LuAnne and her Senior Scouts for recommending it!

  • A Writer's Guide to Healthy Wrists and Hands: Writing takes its toll on your hands and wrists. This article is full of helpful hacks to keep them healthy. Thanks to Hailey, a teen writer for passing it along to me!

Recommended Reading