Book a Visit

Interested in booking a visit with Amy?

Here are the 3 easy steps to take:

  1. Fill out the Booking Form and then contact Amy via email with your completed Booking Form attached.

  2. Sign and return the Event Confirmation Amy sends once she contacts you to go over the dates/times you've requested

  3. Download the documents/images at the bottom of this page and use them to prep for the event.

Prepare for Your Visit

The most successful events happen when you and Amy work together to prepare ahead of time. Once you've booked your event there are some easy things you can do to help get your audience excited about Amy's visit. 

Book Clubs:

  1. Download the Book Club Activites/Discussion Questions for the book you plan to highlight.


  1. Download Amy's Appearance Poster and hang it in high traffic areas.


  1. Download Amy's Appearance Poster and hang in high traffic areas.

  2. Download the suggested pre-visit activities document and plan to do one or more of them to acquaint students with Amy's books. 

  3. Run off copies of the Book Pre-order Form for purchasing Amy's books (Amy will email this to you after the event is booked) a month before the visit and plan to get the order information back to Amy at least three weeks before her visit to ensure she can fill all book orders.

  4. A week before the event download and distribute the Day of Visit Book Sale form (Amy will email this to you after the event is booked) to remind students books will also be available for purchase during Amy's visit while supplies last.

  5. Make sure you have the equipment Amy needs for her visit (see booking form)

Amy will bring  bookmarks, posters, and other swag items to give away during her visit. 

Amy's Introductory Video-Coming Soon